The Raya34 Sports More than Boots (MTB) Program, is a yearlong girls Primary School life skill program presented through football skill learning. The program consists of one, one-hour session per week at each school. The initial goal was to have 10 participating schools for the 2020/2021 school year. The 2021/2022 program commenced in October 2021.


  • Encourage girls to try a new sport and engage in healthy activities

  • Provide an opportunity to teach girls more about themselves and their capabilities

  • Develop football skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.)

  • Develop teamwork, communication, confidence, problem solving and other life skills


  • 6 Participating Schools

  • Over 90 girls registered

  • Over 170 hours trained on the Techne App

  • Parents agreed that program led to improvements in teamwork and respect among participants

Financial Supporters

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Technical Supporters

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